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About Engine Yard

Rails in the Cloud

Where We Came From

We started Engine Yard in early 2006 to meet a genuine need: customers were developing business-critical Rails applications, but they didn’t want to worry about application deployment, management and scaling. They wanted a smooth path from 100 users to 100,000 users and professional support and advice from Rails experts 24/7; that’s what Engine Yard is all about.

We started out with all our customer applications on our own fully managed infrastructure. In early 2009, we introduced Engine Yard Cloud, a Rails Application Cloud for web developers and web teams running on top of cloud computing infrastructure. It provides easy-to-use, automated Rails application deployment and management, with a design philosophy that allows easy migration of your existing applications.

How We Give Back

Along the way, we’ve given back to the Ruby and Rails communities with several full time Ruby and Rails contributors and by providing early sponsorship for key community tools like GitHub, BeanStalk, New Relic and Lighthouse. We also fund numerous conferences and events, User Groups, and other community projects.

Most recently, we worked with the folks over at Ruby Central and the Rails Core Team to present the Ruby Summer of Code. Following that, we'll be focusing our community resources here, on RailsDispatch, in an effort to provide a continuous stream of informative Rails content.