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About Rails Dispatch

Your Source for All Things Rails

Rails Dispatch aims to be your number one source for all things Rails, and right now, for all things Rails 3. The Rails ecosystem is rich and robust, with numerous little sources for different types of content—but no hub. At Rails Dispatch, you'll be able to find everything you need to get up to speed on the various Rails topics, no matter your experience level.

We'll be rolling out topical sections with multiple pieces of educational content; blog posts, screencast tutorials, downloadable code and video presentations. We'll also be releasing new interactive features as the weeks go by, so check back often for updates!

Topic Hosts

Each week, a different member of the Ruby on Rails community will hold the Topic Host position, serving as the primary author and curator of all the content released under that week's topic. Each topic release will contain multiple pieces of content—blog posts, screencasts, video presentations, etc.

If you'd be interested in serving as a Topic Host, or in contributing a single piece of content, get in touch; we're always looking for fresh faces and new materials.